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The Finnish Science Centre Heureka |

Suoliston Salaisuus

Exhibition Light Design, 2020

Suoliston salaisuus, an exhibition by Cité Des Scinces et de L’industrie opened in Science Centre Heureka in October 2020. It bases on a famous book Darm mit Charme by Giulia Enders.

Playful light design focuses on guiding the visitor through differently themed zones as well as on integrating the exhibits to beautiful, high ceiling exhibition space 


Original Title MICROBIATA | Exhibition Production Cité Des Scinces et de L’industrie | Project Manager Päivi Garner | Project Designer Sampsa Piira | The Finnish Science Centre Heureka | Photos 1, 5 Lauri Veijalainen 1-4 Heureka press

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